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Learn Harmonium - Gurbani Sargams and Raags

Heartiest Welcome to the website of  Bhai Satnam Singh Khalsa

At present, I’m living with my family in the heart of Punjab, famously known as Jalandhar. I’m running my own music school where I teach everything about from basic sargams (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ne Sa) to  advanced Gurbani raags. If you or your friend would like to learn harmonium or Gurbani shabads, Please contact me.

I hope you’ll like this website. We  have uploaded some  ”Gurbani Kirtan Videos” which I think would be beneficial to the learners of Gurbani kirtan and Harmonium . If you’ve any questions, I’ll be more than happy to reply you or answer your queries.

I wish you a very nice visit. Thank you for visiting my website.   – Satnam Singh Khalsa

New Gurbani Album 2012 – Sau Kyon Manda Aakhiye

The title of the album is “Sau Kyon Manda Aakhiye Jit janme Rajaan”. (On female gender equality: “why call her inferior? From her, the Kings are born”) ~ Guru Nanak dev
I hope you will like all the tracks of this album.

My Youtube channel

 Join Gurmat Sangeet Classes in Jalandhar

Now you can join Gurmat Sangeet Classes in Jalandhar. It is open to everyone, for all ages at very low cost. You can learn Harmonium, Tabla and other music instruments.

Join Gurmat Sangeet Classes in Jalandhar

Join Gurmat Sangeet Classes in Jalandhar

Electronic Visiting Card – Bhai Satnam Singh Khalsa

Right click at the card and select print photo to print it.

Electronic Card - Satnam Singh Khalsa

Electronic Card - Satnam Singh Khalsa

Read Daily Hukamnama Sahib – Darbar Sahib Amritsar

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4 Responses to Home

  1. satnam says:

    I am a beginner in learning Harmonium.Your notations on Y tube are praiseworthy.
    I wish u could teach on line.


  2. Gurminder singh says:

    bhai ji i want to learnn kirtan…from u……
    i live in jammu……….
    ur vedios have always been very helpfull to me……

  3. Gurpreet singh says:

    Gurudwara guru nanak pura yamu
    na nagar haryana ph no.946783


  4. paramjeet singh says:

    bhai saab Ji,
    kindly send me the notation for the undermentioned link.\
    this is shabad of \Bhai \sahib Kamaljeet singh ji.

    Paramjeet Singh